Coleman jennings and the Roaddogs

Characterized by seamless vibrato, narrative-driven lyrics, and melodic arrangements, Austin-based Coleman Jennings has created a vigorous and distinct sound. Resembling that of traditional outlaw country paired with the upbeat progressions of classic rock and the fervent nature of folk and blues; Coleman has managed to fashion a sound that is inherently familiar, yet undeniably fresh. A sound that effortlessly translates on his forthcoming debut six-track EP — Know No Leash — slated for release on Friday, January 27, 2023. Composed of Finn Dickens (piano), Jake Boswell “Jenko” (drummer) and Bob Troyer (bass), Coleman formed his band — The Roaddogs — during his sophomore year at the University of Texas at Austin. Named after Coleman’s father’s and grandfather's former biker group, the band would find their music to be a mix of folk, southern rock, and country, something every member grew up listening to. Coleman Jennings and The Roaddogs began recording Know No Leash in April of 2022 at Moon Lab Studios in Dripping Springs, TX, with every song written, composed and produced by Coleman himself. “With no producer, I can make every musical decision myself. Every guitar lick, every key change, every chord progression is my own,” shares Coleman. “The band operates their instruments with full independence. We’re not opposed to signing a record deal or working with others, in-fact we would love to."

The lively lead single, Sunshine,” was written and composed with the intention of honoring The Allman Brothers Band — a band that has played a powerful role in Coleman’s life — in addition to meditating on a truth he holds close to his heart… that no work of art comes without inspiration from someone or something. Specifically, his objective with “Sunshine” was to capture that same joyous and free spirit energy he found in The Allman Brothers Band’s tune “Jessica.” “It’s about that feeling you get when you step outside and feel the optimism of a sunny day,” tells Coleman

A track that shines light on Coleman’s proficiency as a lyricist and composer can be found in the EP’s bittersweet sophomore single, “Caroline.” As Coleman explains: “Caroline is about when you love someone and want to give them everything but can’t. A working man’s tale about the relentless pursuit of trying to provide and love simultaneously; a tale of the resilience and unconditionality of real love.




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